Locations By Date

To see... Click this...
Location details The location name. A separate window appears with information about the room's features and possible layouts.

The matrix icon next to the location name to view activity for that location only.
Event details The event name, or on the Locations By Date day view, the colored box for the event.
Another date or dates One of the following:
  • Day, Week or Month on the calendar to see events for one day, one week, or one month.
  • Go to Today beneath the calendar to see events beginning today.
  • Any date on the calendar to see events beginning on that date.
  • The right or left arrows to move forward or back in time.
Activities in another set of locations A link below "Filters" at the lower right of the page.
A specific space The Space Quick Search selection box. Then do this:
  1. Chose a match method for any Name search (Is, Starts With, Contains, or Ends With).
  2. Type the full or partial space name, based on your selection in step 1.
  3. Click Go.

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