How to set up "My Reminders"

To set up your calendar of personal event reminders, do the following:

  1. Locate the event you want to add to your calendar on the Locations or Events tab.

  2. Click the name of the event to see its details.
  3. Click Add Reminder icon to add an event reminder to your calendar.
  4. Note:  To add all occurrences of an event to your calendar, click the + next to "Additional Future Dates" to expand the list, then click Add Reminder icon

  5. Log on.

  6. (For more information on how to log on, see How to log on.)
  7. Click Events|My Reminders to see your calendar of personal reminders.

To remove an event from your reminders, go to the event details and click Remove Reminder icon.

Note: If the event appears on your calendar of personal event reminders because you requested the event, you can't remove it.

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